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of our Ancestors and Indigenous Peoples

with Jaki Daniels

As revealed in her latest book, author, healing-arts practitioner, teacher, and ceremonial elder Jaki Daniels has brought together two ancient ways of healing and living to restore hope to those suffering with illness, and to engage in rekindling the connection with the earth that our ancestors and Indigenous peoples held.

November 3rd 2015, 7:00 pm

Reading from Jaki's recent book The Medicine Path.

Location: The Continental Cafe, 4295 Main St. & E 27th Ave.


November 4th 2015 

Sharing Circle 


Private consultations available by appointment on both days. To book an appointment please email Carly (cjbelz [at]

Jaki's Previous Book: 

About The Medicine Path: 


"There is an entire world of healing agents that you may not have known existed. These medicines are not accepted within our current medical systems, either allopathic or naturopathic, yet they are real. I know this because they are the medicines I use in my healing practice every day and they help my patients to get well. The medicines I want to share with you heal us from the inside-out, unlike most of the medicines you may be familiar with, either pharmaceutical or herbal, that heal from the outside in."

About Heeding the Call: 


"Within the pages of this book you are invited into a sacred circle, where the intimate and personal details of the author's journey to a world of ancient healing practices, shamans, ceremony, and the powerful forces inherent in nature are revealed. Let yourself be carried along as she shares her six-year quest, catalyzed by a mystical experience in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, followed by travels in the US, Mexico and Peru, and culminating in accepting herself as a modern-day medicine woman, willing and able to offer the healing gifts she has been given.."

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