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The Way of the Mountain


Jaki’s first book, Heeding the Call: A Personal Journey to the Sacred, shares the story of the remarkable way that she was called to apprentice with Nature and Spirit, by an unusual and powerful teacher – a sacred mountain! Fourteen years later, she is ready to introduce that  mountain, and its teachings, to you.


The Way of the Mountain is a program of study and experience in a different way to live. It is a way of relating to the natural world around us, and to the world of Spirit, that can become so intimate and real it guides and informs our every step.


The program includes five evening classroom sessions, focused on skill development in areas of spiritual connection, communication, and greater understanding of the unique gifts each of us brings to our life’s journey. The remaining six sessions will be held in nature, both daytime and evening, leading you to enter into relationship with the land, guiding you in participating in ceremony, and understanding your role as human and the interconnections you hold with the earth and sky. (Fire ceremonies: Spring Equinox and Winter Solstice / Medicine Gathering Ceremony / Pipe Ceremony / Sweat Lodge Ceremony /Honouring the Ancestors Ceremony)


This opportunity is offered by application only. There are no pre-requisites. It is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in being immersed in relationship and connection with Spirit, following the protocols of the ancient ways.


The program begins near the Spring Equinox, ends with the Winter Solstice, and is limited to 8 people. Outdoor sessions and ceremonies are supported by two of Jaki’s apprentices.


Note: “Charting Your Course: A Personal Journey through the Medicine Wheel” is available in a home study format and is a natural complement to this program. It is highly recommended for the serious student.





The course “The Way Of The Mountain”  has helped me feel more complete in things I believe in and in my spirituality.  Now when I walk through nature (and through life on a daily  basis), I see things in a different way ... knowing there is something that has been awakened . . . .   that always existed in the background. I feel more alert!

W.J. Calgary 2013


I had the pleasure of entering into the Way of the Mountain course with Jaki in 2013. What originally drew me to Jaki and eventually this course was the humility, intellect and integrity that she carries forward. She recognizes that each of us has our own journey unlike anyone else and offers her knowledge to assist us in that self-discovery. I was interested in this particular course because I had a deep longing to experience more in my life and to integrate a more spiritual life. I had no idea what that meant or how to do it, I just knew something was missing from my life and thus far I had not found anything I truly connected with. The Way of the Mountain gave me an understanding of what spirit means to me, to realize the depth of relationships both spiritual and otherwise, and how to begin to open my awareness to this connection in my daily life.  This is a life-long quest and one that I’m sure will keep changing. The Way of the Mountain has been  the much needed starting ground for my journey.

K.C. Calgary, 2013

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