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The Chakra Series


This series of 10 workshops uses a non-traditional approach to understanding the chakra energy system. These workshops, quickly cover the basic fundamental understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual characteristics of each chakra and how they work. From there, the chakra and our connection to the energy sources of Earth and Source are explored in an experiential way. This type of exploration gives each student a completely unique understanding of what balance and unbalance means, a greater understanding of their own chakra as well as specific recommendations to shift it into a higher level of functioning. Thanks to the nature of this approach, everyone regardless of experience will get something unique from this class and further their understand of the chakra system.

Suggestions for ongoing work and further development is provided to each student so that they can continue the learning at home over the following 4 weeks.

Each Chakra is a separate workshop. You are welcome to come to one, two or the entire series. Another series will begin when this one finishes, so you can complete the series over time. Students who complete the entire series of 10 workshops will have an extremely comprehensive understanding of the chakra system and more significantly their own chakra energy system and what they need to do to keep it in balance.


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