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Harvest Fire Ceremony October 27

October 27th 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Location: Bearspaw, Alberta

Hosted by Jaki Daniels

As the days shorten and we approach the long dark night it is wise to take stock of what the passing year has brought into our lives. Our awareness of the fruits of our labors and the reserves we have gathered will help us through the cold winter ahead. Please join us for a ceremonial fire to celebrate the gifts of the harvest and to warm us with sharing, community and song.

The ceremony will be led by spiritual elder Jaki Daniels

Ceremony begins at 7:30 pm (please arrive a few minutes early). In the Cree Tradition there are no fees to attend a ceremony but a donation to the Elder (suggested $20) in the spirit of reciprocity and acknowledgement is gratefully received.

Please bring a folding chair, a blanket, a thermos of tea if you would like, and clothing appropriate to the weather. If you attended a Spring ceremony and made prayer ties, please bring them.

Please RSVP to attend. Detailed directions will be forwarded to you.


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