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Listening to Coyote's Stories

Maureen and I spent last week in Nevada City, CA, meeting with ‘Coyote’ Downey. Coyote is a Ceremonial Elder from Round Valley, California whom we had met back in June 2015 while attending the ‘Seizing an Alternative Toward and Ecological Society’ Conference held in Pomona College, CA.

At that time and after getting to know Maureen and I quite well, Coyote offered to tell us some of his traditional stories and teachings, so that we could record them. This is exactly what we did last week. Maureen and I spent hours listening at Coyote’s words of wisdom, a lot of of his people’s stories but also a lot of of American Indian history, especially related to how First Nations (they prefer to use the term ‘Indians’ there) went through the ‘colonization’ times.

We now have the raw material on tape and need to work on making some educational videos which Coyote wishes for us to share with the children and people who are willing to hear about other ways to look at the world and our civilization with the hope that it will indeed offer an alternative toward an ecological society - a much needed approach in these changing times.

Stay tuned!


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