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Videos from the Conference

Free viewing of the Conference Plenary sessions are now available.

Click here for Pando Populus, the web-based platform that is dedicated to sharing the conference with the world.

Click here for an Overview of Sections and Tracks to get a sense of the full scope of the conference.

See below for CONFERENCE PLENARY VIDEOS (with personal comments by Jaki):

Bill McKibbon

This video also contains a special filming of Pete Seeger which begins at 34:25 and ends at 42:15. I thought this was well done and very moving. I would highly recommend it. Bill’s talk was sobering, almost too sobering, but his message was honest and passionate. A real eye opener and a very good summary of the current crisis. His presentation begins at 53:35.

Sheri Liao

Unfortunately I had to miss this presentation so can’t make a personal comment. Sheri’s presentation begins at 23:30.

Vandana Shiva

While Vandana’s talk was also honest and sobering I came away inspired by her personal commitment, her far-ranging work, and untiring efforts. This was my personal favorite. Vandana's talk begins at 17.44.

John Cobb Jr.

This talk will not likely pique your interest in the same way as the others, and if you have to choose I would certainly say those are more important. On the other hand, I don’t think there was anyone who attended this conference who didn’t come away thoroughly impressed with John Cobb Jr. He’s truly a remarkable man. His talk begins at 20.49.

Herman Daly

This one surprised me. I can’t say I’ve been a keen follower of the science of economics but this video, and the talks that follow it, really held my interest. Furthermore I genuinely felt that I came away enriched by them. The radio interview that is the format for this talk begins at 21.24.

Wes Jackson

I wasn’t able to attend this one personally but Marilyn enjoyed it and I found that both her and Sylvie quoted Wes often in the few days following his talk, which begins at 25.08.

Chris Daniels

Chris was not only the developer and host of the Contributions of Indigenous Wisdom Track at the conference, he was also invited to present an introductory talk for the Section: Re-imagining and re-inventing the Wisdom Traditions. Chris' talk begins at 12.15.

More to come!

Jaki’s presentations should be posted to the Pando Populus site soon.

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