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Reflecting Back on Vision Quest 2015

On Sunday, July 12 2015 we completed our Vision Quest Ceremony. We had eight people who participated as ‘questers’, two Elders who hosted (Pauline Johnson - Fishwoman, and myself - One Who Walks With Eagle Mountain) two assistants in training, one dedicated Fire Keeper (for the ‘round the clock sacred fire’ plus two sweat lodges), two assistant Fire Keepers, and one full time volunteer support person. What a team!

Vision Quest is always a special time. In fact, in many ways it marks the changing seasons of the year for me. Once summer arrives, I learn of those who wish to go deeper in their experience of both ‘being human’ and being one with ‘all our relations’. I always consider it a privilege to support those who are courageous enough to unplug from the mainstream and return to the sacred ways of being in relationship with Nature and Spirit . . . the ways of our Indigenous Ancestors.

Some received ‘visions’ in the classical sense, and some didn’t. This is the way of vision quest. There is always something to take home, whether or not you have something ‘tangible’ or ‘remarkable’ to share. The time alone in the forest, vulnerable yet held in sacred space, is an opening of the heart, of the spirit, and of our one-ness with the rest of Creation. It is a time to slow down, stop striving, have nothing ‘to do’, and simply BE. It is a time of remembering what it is to be human, which is no small feat, as many of us have forgotten.

Vision Quest is an experience that changes you. It is an experience that is radically different from what is now considered the ‘norm’ of daily life. In doing nothing, you are filled. In asking for nothing, you receive more than you could have hoped. In being alone you remember the treasure of family and community. In being exposed you learn to trust.

For those who are considering engaging in such a ceremony, it is important to know that we follow the traditional protocols and do not advertise this as an event or a workshop, although we do try to keep people informed. If you would like to be placed on a mailing list to receive notices of future Vision Quests, please contact Claire at This email list is separate from our regular event notices.

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