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Embrace the Season of Spring - a Personal Ceremony


After the long, cold Alberta winter, it is natural to be excited, and perhaps even impatient, waiting for Spring to arrive. We embrace the warmer weather and the returning light in many ways: spending more time outdoors, perhaps planting a garden, bringing tulips and daffodils indoors to grace the table. I'd like to offer yet another way; a small ceremony or meditation to help you feel the changing nuances of the natural world at this time of year, and even more, notice what they stir within you. If you have a chance to perform this ceremony outdoors, by a fire, on a warm day or evening, that would be ideal, but it is also possible to bundle up on a chilly day and head out to a nearby park or natural environment area, looking for a sunny spot for settle into.

Prepare for the ceremony by praying, smudging, calling in the directions, singing, or whatever appeals and helps you to let go of the hustle and bustle of daily life. Read through these instructions, then close your eyes and begin. It doesn't matter if you have previous skills and experience, the purpose is to reach out with your spirit and give it a try -- enjoy it!

Take your awareness down into the earth beneath your feet. Take it down and feel the earth there. Feel the state of the rooted ones. As the white winter blanket is melting, the moisture is seeping down into the earth and if you pay attention you’ll be able to feel that moisture, that cold, damp, darkness. Now move your awareness up to the crown of those roots. From this crown shoots will burst forth through the earth and up into the light. Feel the potential brewing in that crown area. What do you notice in your physical body? You may notice that even with your eyes closed, you can feel that your clarity of vision is more acute, your awareness is sharper. You may notice that your breathing changes. When you expose yourself to the energy of spring, you literally feel the rush of anticipation that the season brings, you feel the hope, and you start visioning what the future will bring. It is fine to let those visions unfold. Don’t stop them. It’s not possible for you to plant a seed in your garden without thinking of the flowers or fruits or vegetables that it will offer at harvest time. It is the same with your own hopes and dreams. They naturally want to show you the possibilities. Enjoy this time with Mother Earth -- linger in it.

When your meditation is complete, place your hand on Mother Earth and thank her for revealing her true nature and inviting you to join in!

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