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Usui Reiki


Usui Reiki – Most commonly referred to as Reiki. This is a 4 Level course with a minimum of 24 hours of class room time, where students are introduced to the concept of Ki (Japanese) or Chi (Chinese). This is the subtle life force energy that flows in every living thing. Students are taught to scan the body for areas where energy is not freely flowing and using one or all of the 4 healing symbols, help to correct the issue. In level two students learn to send distance healing. By level three, a student should be able to work comfortably on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. They should have the ability to send healing back in time to the source of the problem or send it forward in time for grounding, emotional, support and or healing.


Levels I & II



Introducing yourself to and developing this powerful healing art can help you every day and in every facet of your life: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Anyone can learn Reiki. There is no experience required.


Day one we learn the Reiki Code of Ethics and how to bring forth this beautiful healing energy. You will be taught both the Western approach with hand positions for self healing and working on others, as well as the intuitive Japanese approach, learning to scan the body for areas of decreased energy flow and trusting the energy to guide you.


Day two, we will be refining and strengthening the energy through the use of 3 healing symbols, learning how to facilitate a full 60 minute treatment for others and learn how to send this wonderful energy through distance and time for greater levels of self healing or for distance healing work.


Workshop includes 12 hours of in-class study, two attunements, all materials and Certificate. 


Check our Workshop Schedule for upcoming dates. 

For any questions:

To register: Call (403) 946-5802 or email countrygardencr​​m

Karuna Reiki


Karuna Reiki – Prerequisite Usui Reiki Level 3 also known as ART (Advanced Reiki Training).  Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand in 1995, is taught in 2 Levels – Practitioner 1 & 2 and Master 1 & 2. The energies of Karuna are often described as more refined and higher in vibration than Usui. Designed to work at a much deeper physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level, students learn about and are taught symbols for working with and healing the Shadow Self, healing past life and Karmic issues, clearing unconscious patterns, abuse issues, addictions and relationships. Increasing one's ability to manifest goals, connect with the higher self, heal reality awareness, creating trust and peace. Often described as a feminine energy vs the more masculine Usui energy. Karuna includes 8 healing symbols.


Maureen recertified with William Lee Rand in Maui 2013



Check our Workshop Schedule for dates and locations.

For any questions:

To register: Call (403) 946-5802 or email countrygardencr​​m

Lightarian Reiki


Lightarian Reiki – Karuna Reiki Master Level or Usui Master Level + Buddhic Boost Attunement Required.


Developed by Jeannine Marie Jelm in 1997, Lightarian Reiki attunes students to higher realms of Reiki Ray Energies. It is unlike both Usui and Karuna in that it is passed solely through a series of 4 attunements over a period of 4 months. There are no symbols and the teachings are simple. What the Lightarian attunements do is to help speed you along your path of spiritual growth and help you connect to a higher, more refined vibrational level Reiki Energy. Students often experience becoming one with the Energy vs channelling a seperate energy, yet client feed back is amazing. Students learn how to create a unique healing chamber for their healing work and learn to connect differently with their clients in order to provide distance healing without using any symbols .    Lightarian Reiki can be taught privately or in a class environment.


Check our Workshop Schedule for dates and locations.

For any questions:

To register:  Call (403) 946-5802 or email countrygardencr​​m

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