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Private Students and Apprenticeships


One-on-one studentships with our practitioners are custom designed to the needs and goals of each student. Our focus is to help bring forward the inherent and unique gifts that each student holds, much more so than teaching specific methods or protocols. In this way, each student can develop their skills, further understand themselves, and help to identify their role of service, all at the same time. A mutually agreed upon series of sessions is established for each student. There is often considerable homework.



Apprenticeships: in 2010 Jaki began an Apprenticeship Program. As is Jaki’s style, each apprentice continues to develop their own unique gifts, under her guidance, accompanied by a solid and long term commitment to this spiritual path. There are three phases to the apprenticeship, each phase covering a span of 4 years. At the end of each phase, a mutual decision is made whether or not to continue with the next phase. Apprenticeships are only available to students who have already worked with Jaki for a minimum of one year, whether as a private student, or in a combination of workshops. Applications need to be discussed with Jaki in person.

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