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Introduction to the Drum Journey and to Meeting your Totem Animals




This introductory workshop guides participants to learn the timeless and ancient practice known as ‘journeying’ or ‘the shamanic journey.’ It is a skill we all have the ability to learn, where we explore perception beyond our five physical senses and enter into a state of awareness that spiritual guides, teachers, and animal totems becomes possible. Once mastered, journeying can be a tremendous resource in our lives.This is an experiential workshop with step by step instructions and is intended for those who have never done journey work before, or who are still trying to develop their skills. The culmination of the training time will be directed toward finding your personal spirit totem, also known as a Power Animal.

Further Explorations of the Shamanic Journey


Pre-requisite: Drum Journeys and Totem Animals workshop, or previous journey experience. 


Once the basic techniques and method of the ‘journey' have been accomplished, and you have begun a relationship with your Power Animal, there are additional skills that can be developed to gain access to the myriad teachings and guidance that journeys have to offer. This workshop will review the terrain of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds, clarifying the difference between the three and the ways to know which realm will best serve your needs. In the Upper World you will be introduced to your personal Spiritual Teacher. You will also learn how to journey on behalf of another person, or animal, develop skills in getting answers to specific questions, and gain an understanding of the varied and complex ways that journeys can teach. You will be introduced to some of the classic healing methods used by Indigenous peoples around the globe that have their roots and foundation in journeying. And finally, you will learn what possibilities lie ahead.



After completing "Further Exploration of the Shamanic Journey" I came away amazed at the messages I received from my Spirit Teachers which were exactly what I needed to hear at this time to guide me down my spiritual path and excited to continue journeying for both myself and others.  Thank you for an amazing afternoon.

P. M, February 2014


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