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The Kaheeyu Mountain Institute was founded in May 2014 by Jaki Daniels, Sylvie Boustie and Maureen Durant, all experienced Educators and Natural Healing Arts practitioners.
The old ways of the world’s indigenous peoples are recognized and honoured through the restoration and return of practices and beliefs that served to keep them, and the land they lived upon, vibrantly alive and healthy for thousands of years. 
Our aim is to carry forward this tradition, with a focus on the healing arts, offering a variety of services from education and training, practitioner appointments, and community celebrations and ceremonies, to form a bridge between the ancient and modern ways of learning, knowing, living and healing.
‘Indigenous’ practices and beliefs can be understood as those which are ‘born from the land’ by and for the people on that land. Indigenous peoples are those who have such relationships with creation that at the heart of their lived experience are a diversity of direct alliances with the naturally created world, both its physical and material components, as well as the subtle counterparts, often described as energetic or spiritual.
This way of life and understanding the world has been kept in trust by the world's current Indigenous peoples, despite enormous oppression and hardship. Our Earth, our bodies, our sense of self, our connection to others, and our ability to live joyfully from our hearts has been compromised by many of the modern ways, yet that same modernity has supported a return shift in consciousness and awareness of what it means to be human in the vast network of ‘all our relations’.
Named after one of its founders, Jaki Daniels, who was adopted into the Cree traditional ways in the year 2000 and given the name One Who Walks With Eagle Mountain, Kaheeyu is a phonetic translation of the Cree word for ‘Eagle'.
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